TS SSC 10th Result 2024 Declared | Check BSE Telengana (2024)

TS SSC 10th Result 2024 Declared | Check BSE Telengana (1)

The Telangana Board of Secondary Education (BSE) Telangana has announced the class 10th TS SSC result for the year 2024. The announcement took place on April 29 2024, at 11:00 a.m. Godavari Stadium, opposite L.B stadium, Hyderabad. The announcement was made by Burra Venkatesham, the principal secretary of the Government, Education Department, via press conference.

The memos will be available on the official website. Candidates can access the memo using their hall ticket number. They can also check the results on the HT Portal.

Pass marks for each subject are 35/100 except for the second language. For second language, the pass mark is 20/100. total students appeared in class 10th for the year 2024 in 494,207. Out of the students who appeared for the exam, only 451272 students cleared their class 10th exam. The pass percentage for this year is 91.31%.

Let’s check the detailed result of Telangana SSC class 10, 2024. Additionally, let’s analyse the procedure for re-verification and re-counting.

Official Website to Check the Result for Class 10th TS SSC

Students can check and download their Class 10th TS SSC memo through the official website. Candidates can take printout for their future reference.

  • telangana.gov.in
  • http://results.bse.telangana.gov.in
  • http://results.bsetelangana.org
  • Manabadi.com

Pass Percentage of Various Mediums

The total number of candidates who appeared in the class 10th TS SSC exam for this year is 505813. The pass percentage of regular students is 91.31%. Here is the list of subjects with their passing percentage:

  • English – 93.74%
  • Telugu – 80.71%
  • Urdu – 81.50%
  • Other: 88.47%

Supplementary Exam for Class 10th TS SSC

The supplementary exam will be held from June 3, 2024, to June 13, 2024. However, the announcement for the supplementary exam has yet to be release.

Process for Re-Counting for Class 10th TS SSC

Students who want to apply for recounting can directly apply to the office of the director of government examinations in Hyderabad in person or by post. The fee is Rs.500/- per subject. The deadline for applying for recounting is May 15, 2024.

Process for Re-Verification cum Photocopy of Answer Sheet for Class 10th TS SSC

Students who want to apply for re-verification cum photocopy of the answer sheet can apply by applying online by the head of the teachers of their respective schools. The fee for this process is Rs.1000/- per paper.

Subject-Wise Percentage for Class 10th TS SSC

Now let’s look at the passing percentage of the students subject-wise in class 10th TS SSC:

1st Language: 97.12 per cent

2nd Language: 99.87 per cent

3rd Language: 98.30 per cent

Mathematics: 96.46 per cent

General Science: 96.60 per cent

Social Studies: 99.05 per cent

Gender-Based Performance in Class 10th TS SSC

Here are the details for gender base performance in class 10th TS SSC:

Girls appeared: 245208

Girls passed: 228616

Pass percentage of girls: 93.23 per cent

Boys appeared: 248999

Boys pass: 222656

Pass percentage of boys: 89.42 per cent

Private Student’s Result for Class 10th TS SSC

The total number of students who appeared in class 10th TS SSC exam is 5,05,813, which includes both regular and private. The total pass percentage is 49.73%, out of which girls scored 54.14% and boys remained at 47.40%.

Top School Based on the Pass Percentage for Class 10th TS SSC

Now, let’s find out which school ranks the first position based on passing percentage.

  • RES: 98.71 per cent
  • BC-WEL: 98.21 per cent
  • SWR: 98.02 per cent
  • TWR: 97.16 per cent
  • RES MIN: 96.82 per cent
  • MODEL: 95.06 per cent
  • Private: 93.74 per cent
  • KGBV: 93.06 per cent
  • ASHRAM: 89.64 per cent
  • Aided: 89.61 per cent
  • ZP: 86.03 per cent
  • Govt: 80.18 per cent

Top 5 Districts Based on Percentage for Class 10th TS SSC

Here are the top 5 districts based on passing percentage In class 10th TS SSC exam:

  • Nirmal
  • Siddipet
  • Rajanna Sircilla
  • Jangaon
  • Sanga Reddy

Steps to Follow to Check Class 10th TS SSC Exam Results:

Students can check their class 10th TS SSC results via the official website. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Visit the website: bse.telangana.gov.in and results.bsctelangana.org
  2. Click on the link “SSC Results 2024” on the homepage
  3. Login using Date of Birth (DoB), roll number and security code
  4. Click on “Submit”, and the result will be shown on the screen
  5. Download and take the printout for the memo for future reference
  6. Students who wish to download the memo without a hall ticket can visit Manabadi SS result 2024 and check name-wise.

Student can also check their result via SMS. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open the SMS application on your phone
  2. Type a message: TS10ROLLNUMBER
  3. Send it to 56263
  4. The result will be sent to the same phone number.

Class 10th TS SSC Exam Grade Point

Here is the grading system based on the marks:

MarksGrade PointGrades
Below 35E


This year, over 5 lakh students appeared in the class 10th TS SSC Exam. The evaluation started on April 3, 2024, with 25000 evaluators with approximately 47,88,738 answer papers. A total of 19 centres have been allocated across 11 districts. The evaluation continued till April 11, 2024.

Last year, out of 4.91 lakh students who appeared for the exam, only 4.19 lakh passed. Like every year, girls outperformed boys with a passing percentage of 93.23%, whereas boys remained at 89.42%.

In this article, we have discussed the procedure to follow for downloading the memo, pass percentage and grading system. Additionally, we have checked the procedure to follow for re-verification and re-counting of papers. Also, we have analysed percentages in various fields of the students and top schools around the state.

Naveen Mittal, TSBIE secretary, has arranged a toll-free number for the students who are experiencing stress or anxiety at this time. Mr Naveen has arranged psychiatrists and psychologists and advised the students to call the toll-free number is 14416.

TS SSC 10th Result 2024 Declared | Check BSE Telengana (2024)
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