Super Mario Odyssey Power Moon Locations - Sand Kingdom 31-61 (2024)

The Sand Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey has 69 Power Moon Locations. It’s the third kingdom you will visit while playing the game. This guide will show you the locations of the Power Moons 31-61 out of 69 in this kingdom. For the previous part see Locations 1-30.

This kingdom is designed to look like a mixture of a desert and Mexico during Días de los Muertos holidays. You will encounter a lot of skeletons and colorful houses. You will be able to control multiple enemies in this area, your main enemy to use your cap on, however, will be a bullet-like enemy called Bullet Bill. Be sure to pay 30 coins in order to use Jaxi service, since a Jaxi will help you get some of the Power Moons.

Power Moon 31 – Found in the Sand! Good Dog!

Near the town entrance you will encounter a dog wearing a hat. Follow the dog in the desert until he stops and starts digging. A shine will appear in the sand. This marks the location for you to butt-slam and reveals the Power Moon.

Power Moon 32 – Taking Notes: Jump on the Palm

In the Oasis area climb on a palm with a music note on it and collect it. Thsi will spawn more music notes on other palms. Collect them all in time for a Power Moon.

Power Moon 33 – Herding Sheep in the Dunes

In the northern part of the desert you will find a shepherd standing in a stone ring. He will ask you to bring back his sheeps. You can find 3 sheeps nearby. Simply run behind them to navigate them in the right direction.

Power Moon 34 – Fishing in the Oasis

Take control over Lapitu (Turtle with a fishing rod on a cloud) and search the Oasis waters for a big shadow in the water. Lower your rod and let the big shadow come closer. Every time it touches your rod you will feel vibrations in your controller. Wait for the 3rd or 4th time it touches your rod so the vibrations takes a bit longer than before. It is the moment to pull your rod out and capture the Power Moon. Tip: Be sure to shake your controller to pull out your rod faster.

Power Moon 35 – Love in the Heart of the Desert

You will find a female Goomba which will disappear everytime you get too close. Take control over a Goomba at the entrance to the ruins and stack all the Goombas in the area by jumping on them with another one. Once you are tall enough the female Goomba will fall in love with you and drop a Power Moon.

Power Moon 36 – Among the Five Cactuses

Take a Jaxi to the northern edge of the desert and roadkill the group of cactuses there to reveal a Power Moon.

Power Moon 37 – You’re Quite a Catch, Captain Toad!

Once again you will have to take a Lapitu in order to fish. This time fish in the sand area of the oasis to find a big shadow which actually is Captain Toad, who buried himself in the sand. Free him with the same method as before and he will grant you a Power Moon.

Power Moon 38 – Jaxi Reunion!

Take a Jaxi to the marked area and try to run onto the pedestal with a stone Jaxi on it to trigger a cutscene. This will unlock a Power Moon.

Power Moon 39 – Welcome Back, Jaxi!

Activate the Jaxi bus stop on top of the Inverted Pyramid and you will notice there is only one edge of the pyramid with no Jaxi on it. Run onto the edge on a Jaxi to unlock another Power Moon.

Power Moon 40 – Wandering Cactus

Use your cap on a cactus in the marked area. You will be able to move the cactus out of the way and to reveal a spot for you to butt-slam. This will reveal the nect Power Moon.

Power Moon 41 – Sand Quiz: Wonderful!

On the northern wall of the ruins you will find a Sphinx who will have multiple questions for you. If you answer all of them correctly you will be granted a Power Moon.

The answers for the questions are as followed:

  1. Ring
  2. Ice
  3. Five
  4. Sphynx

Power Moon 42 – Shopping in Tostarena

Just like in every other kingdom you will be able to buy one of the Power Moons from the shop for 100 coins.

Power Moon 43 – Employees Only

Head to the left side of the shop building and crawl through the small hole in the wall in order to get behind the shop counter. There you will find another Power Moon.

Power Moon 44 – Sand Kingdom Slots

In the town area you can enter a slot hall on the right side. In order to get a Power Moon you will have to hit the moon symbol on all 3 slots. Get ready to throw your cap shortly after you see the heart symbol.

Power Moon 45 – Walking the Desert!

Head to the location on the map and talk to the Koopa there to start a mini-game. You will have to follow the footprints as closely as possible and reach 80 points by doing this. The footprints will shortly disappear but you can get more than 80 points in this game.

Power Moon 46 – Hidden Room in the Inverted Pyramid

In the last room before the boss area in the pyramid you will see columns on a lane going from right to left. Use a Bullet Bill and drop between the columns so you get moved into a secret room with a treasure chest in it.

Power Moon 47 – Underground Treasure Chest

In the underground ruins use a Bullet Bill to reach a staircase on the right side. Follow the path until the end to find a treasure chest with a Power Moon in it.

Power Moon 48 – Goomba Tower Assembly

In the underground ruins you will see a Power Moon high up in the air. Pile as many Goombas as you can in order to reach it.

Power Moon 49 – Under the Mummy’s Curse

Return to the boss area of the Underground Ruins. There you will notice endlesly spawning skeletons. Capture a Coin Coffer that will spawn there as well after a while and shoot the skeletons until you see shoot a shiny one who will drop a Power Moon.

Power Moon 50 – Ice Cave Treasure

Head to the hidden area marked in the map above. In this area you will have to wall jump to the top of the moving columns to find a Power Moon at the top.

Power Moon 51 – Sphynx’s Treasure Vault

As mentioned before you can answer some questions from the Sphinx in the north of the ruins. After answering his first question correctly with: Ring, a door behind him will open. Inside you will find a treasure chest with a Power Moon in it.

Power Moon 52 – A Rumble from the Sandy Floor

Enter a green tube on one of the roofs to enter a hidden area. In there you will have to follow the vibrations of your controller to find a Power Moon. Once you find the sweetspot use your butt-slam on the floor.

Power Moon 53 – Dancing with New Friends

Using the purple triangular coins buy yourself a Sombrero and a Poncho from the purple shopkeeper. Wearing both talk to the skeleton in the marked area. Enter his house, place yourself in the middle of the stage and wait until Mario finishes playing a song for a Power Moon to appear.

Power Moon 54 & 55 – The Invisible Maze & Skull Sign in the Transparent Maze

Head to the hidden area marked on the map. Here you wil be able to unlock 2 Power Moons. In the first room you will notice a skull sign. Use your cap on the sign by holding the cap button for a Power Moon to appear. Finish the puzzle to unlock a second one. Use Moe-Eye to see the path and memorize it.

Power Moon 56 & 57 – The Bullet Bill Maze: Break Through! & Side Path

In the north-west corner of the map you can enter a small maze which you will have to finish using Bullet Bills. About halfway through the maze you can use 2 different ways to find 2 Power Moons. One will be located at the very end, after aspinning obstacle (hard to miss) and the second one will be at the end of the path directly on the left of it.

Power Moon 58 & 59 – Jaxi Driver & Jaxi Stunt Driving

Use a Jaxi to run into the ruins in the eastern swamp area. There you will be ablel to find 2 Power Moons. Shortly after the start of the track you will reach a stone plate. From there look left to see a music note. Use Jaxi to collect all the music notes in time. Finish the course for the second one.

Power Moon 60 & 61 – Strange Neighborhood & Above a Strange Neighborhood

On top of the roofs you will find a rocket. Use it to reach a new area. In this area you can find another 2 Power Moons. Don’t let the Goombas irritate you, you will not need them this time. For the Moon hanging high in the air find the hidden blocks beneath it. Follow the path until the end for the second one.

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Super Mario Odyssey Power Moon Locations - Sand Kingdom 31-61 (2024)
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