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Explore this Arkansas map to learn about the twenty-fifth state of the US. Learn about Arkansas’s location in the United States, official seal, and flag, geography, climate, area codes, zip codes, time zones, etc. Look at the major cities, history, trails (hiking, cycling, backpacking, etc.), national parks, the capital city’s location, FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), and many more.

About Arkansas

The US State of Arkansas is the 25th state in the United States. On June 15, 1836, it was admitted to the Union, and Arkansas achieved statehood. The State of Arkansas’ nicknames is The Natural State and Land of Opportunity. Little Rock is Arkansas’s capital. Central Arkansas is the most extensive metro and urban area in the state. English is the official language of Arkansas. In the US, Arkansas is the 34th most populous state. Check key facts of Arkansas to learn more about Arkansas.

Arkansas Flag

The General Assembly adopted the design of Arkansas’s flag on February 26, 1913. The original flag’s design was done by a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution named Willie Hocker. A committee of 65 submissions chose the design. The flag’s design was first modified in 1923, and the final design was approved on April 10, 1924.

The Arkansas flag has a complex design. It features:

  • A red background color.
  • A diamond design at the center of the flag.
    • The border of the diamond design is blue colored, which includes 25 five-pointed stars.
    • The middle section of the diamond is white-colored.
    • The state’s name “Arkansas” is written in the middle of the white-colored section of the diamond.
    • One star is placed above, and three are placed below where “Arkansas” is written.

Arkansas State Symbols

Arkansas’s official government emblem is the Great Seal of Arkansas. It was adopted on May 3, 1864, and modified in 1907. The official state seal of Arkansas has a circular design. The seal features two circles: an outer ring and an inner circle.

  • Design of the Outer Circle features:
    • “Great Seal of the State of Arkansas” is written in the upper half of the outer circle.
  • Design of the Inner Circle features:
    • An eagle with its spread wings can be seen at the bottom of the design in the inner circle.
      • In its beak, the eagle is holding a scroll. The words “Regnat Populus” (which means “people rule”) are inscribed on the scroll.
      • In one of its claws, the eagle is holding a bundle of arrows, and in the other, it is holding an olive branch.
    • At the breast section of the eagle, a shield can be seen. It has three engravings:
      • A steamboat (at the top)
      • A beehive and a plow (in the middle)
      • Sheaf of wheat (at the bottom)
    • On the left-hand side, an angel can be seen holding the shield. The word “Mercy” is inscribed.
    • On the right-hand side is a sword where “Justice” is inscribed.
    • At the top, the Goddess of Liberty can be seen.
      • She holds a pole that a liberty cap has surmounted in her left hand.
      • In their right hand, she is holding a wreath.
      • A circle of stars surrounds the Goddess of Liberty.
      • A circle of rays surrounds the Goddess of Liberty and the stars.

Arkansas Location

Arkansas Location Map shows the exact location of the US state of Arkansas on the United States map. This map shows the US state’s boundaries, neighboring countries, and oceans.

The State of Arkansas is a landlocked state in the US situated in the South Central region of the country. It shares its border with:

  • Missouri (in the north)
  • Tennessee and Mississippi (in the east)
  • Louisiana (in the south)
  • Texas and Oklahoma (in the west)

Arkansas’s precise location (latitude and longitude) is 33° 00′ N to 36° 30′ N Latitude and 89° 39′ W to 94° 37′ W Longitude. Check this Arkansas Latitude and Longitude Map for more info.

Arkansas History

The traces of the first indigenous people inhabiting Arkansas date around 11,700 BCE. Hernando de Soto was the first Spanish and European explorer to explore the current Arkansas area in 1541.

For mapping, the Mississippi River, Louis Jolliet and Jacques Marquette (two French explorers) reached the Arkansas River in 1673. Robert La Salle and Henri de Tonti claimed the Mississippi River in April 1682.

“Poste de Arkansas” was the first successful European settlement. In 1686, it was built on the Arkansas River in 1686. Though in 1699, the post was disbanded, it was reestablished in 1721.

Arkansas remained within Louisiana Territory from 1803-1812 after the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. Till 1819, it became a part of Missouri. During the Missouri Compromise of 1820, the northern boundary of Arkansas was drawn. On June 15, 1836, Arkansas achieved statehood and was admitted to the Union.

Arkansas Geography

The total area of Arkansas is 53,179 sq mi (137,732 sq km), where 52,035 sq mi (134,771 sq km) is land area and 1,143 sq mi (2,961 sq km) is water area. It is the 29th largest state in the United States in terms of size.

Magazine Mountain is the highest elevation point at 2,753 feet (839.11 m). The state’s lowest point is the Ouachita River, at 55 feet (16.8 m). The Mississippi River and Arkansas River are two major rivers in Arkansas. Two major lakes in the state are Bull Shoals Lake and Lake Ouachita.

Arkansas has five distinct landforms:

  • The Ozark Plateauis located in the northwestern and north-central regions of the state. The Ozark Plateau includes deep valleys and rugged hills. Heavily forested areas can be found in most parts of this plateau. Other significant features of the Ozark Plateau include the Boston Mountains, Mammoth Springs, and others.
  • Arkansas Valley: This landform separates the Ouachita Mountains (in the south) and the Ozark Plateau (in the north). The state’s largest, Arkansas River, cuts through the Arkansas Valley. The state’s highest point, Magazine Mountain, is situated in this landform.
  • Ouachita Mountains: It runs from east to west. This landform’s parallel ridges and valleys start from eastern Oklahoma and stretch to central Arkansas. Hot Springs, a world-famous destination, is situated in the Ouachita Mountains.
  • Mississippi Alluvial Plain: This terrain is situated along the eastern border of the state from Tennessee to Louisiana. It covers Arkansas’ eastern third. Most of this landform is Lowlands. A narrow strip of hills breaks the Mississippi Alluvial Plain. Crowley’s Ridge is situated here. You’ll find rich soil in the Mississippi Alluvial Plain.
  • West Gulf Coastal Plain: You’ll find this landform along the state’s southeastern and south-central regions. Farmlands and pine forests are found in this Lowland area. Petroleum deposits, natural gas, and beds of bromine flats are found here. Ouachita River, the lowest elevation point in Arkansas, is situated in this terrain. Check this Arkansas Topographic Map to learn more.

Learn about the location of rivers, lakes, mountain peaks, the state capital, state boundary, ocean, and neighboring states from this Physical Map of Arkansas.

Arkansas Counties

Arkansas has 75 counties. Union County is the largest county, and Lafayette County is the smallest county. Check the Arkansas County Map to learn more about the location and boundaries of different counties in the state.

Arkansas Area Codes

There are three area codes in the US State of Arkansas. They are:

  • 479
  • 501
  • 870

The Arkansas Area Codes Map helps you locate a particular area code. You can also use it to learn more about the area code boundary, county and state boundaries, and state capital.

Arkansas Zip Codes

There are 590 active zip codes in Arkansas as of 2022. The best zip codes where you can live in the state are 72712, 72718, 72212, 72211, 72227, and many more. You can locate a particular zip code’s location, boundary, state boundary, and state capital with the help of the Arkansas Zip Codes Map.

Arkansas Major Cities

Learn about the state’s significant places from this Arkansas cities map. It also helps you to know the exact location of the state capital, other cities, state boundaries, neighboring states and oceans, and many more. Arkansas’s most prominent cities are Little Rock, Rogers, Jonesboro, Springdale, Fort Smith, Fayetteville, and many more. Check out the Arkansas Cities Map for more details.

Arkansas Airports

The busiest airports in Arkansas are Clinton National Airport, Northwest Arkansas National Airport, Fort Smith Regional Airport, etc. Check the location of different airports in the state on the Arkansas Airports Map. This map also shows Arkansas’s state and country boundaries, cities, the state capital, neighboring states, and oceans.

Arkansas National Park and Trails

Arkansas has seven national parks. Around 3,077,295 visitors visit these national parks annually. Major national parks in the State are Hot Springs National Park, The Arkansas Post National Memorial, Buffalo National River, Fort Smith National Historic Site, and others.

In Arkansas, you can enjoy 881 recreational trails (hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, and other adventurous trails). Whitaker Point Trail, Lost Valley Trail, CenterPoint to Goat Trail, etc., are some of Arkansas’s most popular hiking routes.Check out the National Parks in Arkansas Map to get a clear idea about the locations of different national parks, monuments, preserves, etc.

Arkansas Time Zones

UTC−06:00 (Central) is the time zone in Arkansas. UTC−05:00 (CDT) is its Summer (DST) time zone.

Arkansas Climate

The climatic condition in Arkansas is characterized as humid subtropical. The state gets a significant amount of precipitation every month. As you move from south to north, precipitation, as well as temperature, starts decreasing. The Ouachita mountains modify weather and climatic conditions. The average temperature in the state varies from 58 °F (14.44 °C) to 63.6 °F (17.6 °C). The average precipitation in Arkansas is 49.56 inches (1,258.8 mm) per year. The northern parts of Arkansas receive around 10-15 inches (254-381 mm) of snowfall.

FAQs on Arkansas

FAQ #1: What Time Zone Is Arkansas?

Ans: UTC−06:00 (Central) is the time zone in Arkansas. UTC−05:00 (CDT) is its Summer (DST) time zone.

FAQ #2: What Is The Capital Of Arkansas?

Ans: Little Rock is the capital of Arkansas.

FAQ #3: What Is Arkansas Known For?

Ans: Arkansas is known for diamond mines, lakes spread across an area of 600,000 acres (937.5 sq mi or 2,428.1, Arkansas Chili, an abundance of natural beauty, extreme weather/storms, hot springs, being the capital of folk music, and many more.

FAQ #4: Does It Snow In Arkansas?

Ans: Yes, snowfall takes place in Arkansas. The average snowfall level in the entire state is around 4 inches (101.6 mm) annually.

FAQ #5: Who Is The Governor Of Arkansas?

Ans: Republican Party Asa Hutchinson is the incumbent Governor of Arkansas in 2022. She assumed the office as the 46th Governor of Arkansas on January 13, 2015.

FAQ #6: What Is The Population Of Arkansas?

Ans: Arkansas’s population in 2022 is estimated to be 3.04 million, making it the twenty-ninth populous state in the USA.

FAQ #7: What Is The State Bird Of Arkansas?

Ans: Northern mockingbird is Arkansas’s state bird.

FAQ #8: When Did Arkansas Become A State?

Ans: On June 15, 1836, Arkansas became a state.

FAQ #9: How Many Counties Are In Arkansas?

Ans: There are 75 counties in Arkansas.

FAQ #10: What is the Largest College in Arkansas?

Ans: The University of Arkansas is the largest in Arkansas.

Arkansas Map | Map of Arkansas | AR Map (2024)
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