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Go on a long trip to the Sand Kingdom and locate all 60 initial Power Moons with these hidden puzzle solutions and locations.

Super Mario Odyssey: Sand Kingdom Guide | All Moons Locations - Gameranx (1)

Comb the desert for all the Power Moons in the Sand Kingdom, the third are you’ll explore in Super Mario Odyssey. This vast locale is full of strange corners to explore, including wacky mini-dungeons and more. You’ll have to complete the main story before you can wind around for a return trip, but it’s worth checking back in after freeing the kingdom from a plague of chilly ice.

This is the first truly huge kingdom you’ll encounter in Super Mario Odyssey, and there’s a lot to see. It’s almost overwhelming on your first visit. We recommend focusing on the main story path, then returning to clean up all those Power Moons you missed your first time through. You’ll actually need to make (at least) three trips to see everything the Sand Kingdom has to offer. That’s true in basically every kingdom, so be prepared for the long haul, and let’s dive into the many, many Moons of the Sand Kingdom.

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Sand Kingdom Guide | All Moons Locations

[Work-in-Progress: Check back soon for new updates!]

01: Atop the Highest Tower

Your first objective in the stage. Climb to the tallest tower in Tostarena Ruins an

d you’ll get this Moon. It can’t be missed.

02: Moon Shards in the Sand

In the Moe-Eye Habitat, you’ll need to five five Moon Shards to complete the Moon. One is right next to the checkpoint flag. Another is up the hill in the northwest corner of the habitat. The third one requires the Moe-Eye monster. Capture the statue and turn on the shades to reveal a secret stone path to the Moon Shard above the purple sludge. The fourth shard is in the southeast corner. The last shard, you’ll have to ride the lift to the top of the pillars. At the top, go forward, left, then right to reach the last shard.

03: Showdown on the Inverted Pyramid

Reach the top of the Inverted Pyramid and defeat Hariet to earn a bundle of three Moons. You’ll also start the final main mission of the kingdom.

04: The Hole in the Desert

Defeat Knucklotec at the bottom of the Underground Temple to complete the Sand Kingdom’s main quest and melt all the ice, unlocking tons of new Moons in Tostarena.

05: Overlooking the Desert Town

Found on the dome of the blue / yellow building in the back-left corner of Tostarena Town. Hit the flowers with Cappy and bounce up to the top of the dome to grab this easy Moon.

06: Alcove in the Ruins

In Tostarena Ruins, look for the long ramp of sand just north of the entrance. To the right of the hill, there’s an alcove with a hidden moon.

07: On the Leaning Pillar

When Mario reaches the second Bullet Bill launcher in Tostarena Ruins, look to the right to spot a Moon on a leaning pillar. It looks too far to reach – unless you capture a Bullet Bill! Grab one and fly it over to the Moon.

08: Hidden Room in the Flowing Sands

Found in the quicksand to the left of the sinkhole in the northeast corner of Tostarena Ruins. You can see a small black line – sink into the sand and move inside to grab this Power Moon.

09: Secret of the Mural

Enter the 2D Mario section in the stone tower at the Tostarena Ruins Round Tower flag. Before jumping up to the top of the tower, move into the area to the left (the platform will move under your platform) to find this easy-to-miss secret.

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10: Secret of the Inverted Mural

When you reach the exterior 2D Mario platforming section of the Inverted Pyramid, jump into the black space to the right of the green pipe. It leads into a hidden area with a Power Moon.

11: On Top of the Stone Archway

After completing the main story quest, hop onto the power line and ride it from Tostarena Town to Tostarena Ruins. Jump off above the archway entrance and land on top to grab the Moon.

12: From a Crate in the Ruins

Past the 2D Mario section after the Tostarena Ruins Sand Pillar flag, you’ll reach a third Bullet Bill launcher. Smash the glowing crate nearby and the Moon will appear across the ruins – capture a Bullet Bill to reach it.

13: On the Lone Pillar

At the top of the first 2D Mario section in Tostarena Ruins, capture a Bullet Bill and fly it northeast toward a lone tall pillar with a Power Moon on top. If you dash, you’ll have just enough time to make it.

14: On the Statue’s Tail

Hit the glowing statue tail to the left of the Harriet boss arena, at the top of the Inverted Pyramid. Hold Cappy so he continues to spin on the tail.

15: Hang Your Hat on the Fountain

After completing the main story, return to Tostarena Town and use Cappy on the tap of the fountain. Hold him there and eventually a Power Moon will appear.

16: Where the Birds Gather

In the Desert Oasis, in the southeast corner of the map, look for a mound covered with birds. Ground stomp that mound to find a Moon.

17: Top of a Dune

Go to the highest dune northwest from Tostarena Town. Move around until you feel vibrations in your Joy-Cons, and ground pound the top of the hill to make the Moon appear.

18: Lost in the Luggage

Right next to the frozen car, west of the Inverted Pyramid, you’ll find a glowing spot in the sand. Ground pound that spot to reveal a Moon.

19: Bullet Bill Breakthrough

Near the Tostarena Ruins Sand Pillar flag, capture a Bullet Bill and fly through the broken stone lattice and into the metal cage at the top of the pillar.

20: Inside A Block Is A Hard Place

In the Tostarena Ruins, reach the second Bullet Bill launcher, then capture one with Cappy and break the glowing block on the back-right edge of the ruins (from where you enter) – when the glowing block is broken, the Moon will be revealed.

21: Bird Traveling the Desert

Hit the glowing bird with Cappy. You can catch it in the Desert Oasis, or at the top of the Tostarena Ruins Round Tower.

22: Bird Traveling the Wastes

Hit the glowing bird that flies circles around the purple wasteland north of the Desert Oasis, in the Jaxi Ruins area.

23: The Lurker Under the Stone

Return to the Harriet boss arena at the top of the Inverted Pyramid and hit the little mound with Cappy to stun it, then Ground Pound.

24: The Treasure of Jaxi Ruins

Enter the sinking pit in the back-right corner of Tostarena Ruins, in the quicksand area, and you’ll drop into Jaxi Ruins. Reach the exit pipe at the end and open the chests to find this Moon.

25: Desert Gardening: Plaza Seed

Left of the Tostarena Town fountain, you’ll find a seed next to three planter pots. Pick up and throw the seed into the first pot – you’ll need two more seeds. When the plant grows, hit the gold bud with Cappy to gain a Power Moon.

26: Desert Gardening: Ruins Seed

One seed is in an alcove on the right exterior wall of Tostarena Ruins.

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27: Desert Gardening: Seed on the Cliff

One seed is located far northwest of Tostarena Town, on a hidden ledge. Bring it back to the Tostarena pot and it will grow.

28: Sand Kingdom Timer Challenge 1

Hit the scarecrow with Cappy on the Bullet Bill Maze ruins, in the northwest corner of the map next to the Tostarena Northwest Reaches flag.

29: Sand Kingdom Timer Challenge 2

Hit the P switch in the Moe-Eye Habitat area and grab the key to get the Power Moon. Capture a Moe-Eye to make this challenge a lot easier.

30: Sand Kingdom Timer Challenge 3

Hit the scarecrow with Cappy east of the Jaxi Ruins purple sludge area and complete the obstacle course before time runs out.

31: Found in the Sand! Good Dog!

After completing the main quest, return to the Crazy Cap in Tostarena. There’s a dog wearing a hat outside – follow it and it’ll lead you to a Moon in the sand. Ground pound to reveal it.

32: Taking Notes: Jump on the Palm

Climb to the top of the palm tree with a glowing musical note in the Desert Oasis and grab all the small notes before time runs out.

33: Herding Sheep in the Dunes

From the Moe-Eye Habitat and moving toward the Inverted Pyramid, Mario will find a stone circle with a skeleton inside. Talk to him – he’s missing three sheep! Run behind the sheep to lead them back into the enclosure. They’re all pretty close by.

34: Fishing in the Oasis

Capture the Lakitu in the Desert Oasis and look in the pond. Under the sand, there are shapes – drop your line near a large fish silhouette and reel it in to get a Power Moon.

35: Love in the Heart of the Desert

Create a stack of four goombas and walk across the platforms from Tostarena Ruins Entrance to the Tostarena Ruins Sand Pillar flag. Talk to Goombette with your goombas to earn a Power Moon.

36: Among the Five Cactuses

Ride Jaxi to the far northern edge of the map. Between the Inverted Pyramid and the Northwest Reaches flag, you’ll find a glowing cactus. Smash it with Jaxi to reveal a Power Moon.

37: You’re Quite a Catch, Captain Toad!

Go to the Desert Oasis and grab a Lakitu, then float north and look in the sand. Look for a large fish outline under the sand, then drop your line and wait for it to bite. Reel it in, and you’ll find Captain Toad! He’ll give you a Power Moon for saving him.

38: Jaxi Reunion!

Hire the Jaxi Statue near Tostarena Town and ride it to the Desert Oasis. Northeast of the oasis, you’ll find a small stone platform with another Jaxi on it. Break and ride your Jaxi to reunite the family.

39: Welcome Back, Jaxi!

Summon Jaxi at the seating station behind Harriet’s boss arena at the top of the Inverted Pyramid, and ride him to the empty statue spot.

40: Wandering Cactus

From the Desert Oasis flag, travel north until you spot a strange cactus with a green thing on top. Throw Cappy and move the cactus, then butt-stomp on the glowing area in the sand to make this Moon appear.

42: Shopping in Tostarena

Easy! Just buy it from the Crazy Cap store near the entrance to Tostarena Town. It only costs 100 gold coins.

43: Employees Only

Enter the small vent with a sign nearby to the left of the Crazy Cap store. Grab the coins and continue moving right until you actually enter the store! There’s a Moon back there you can grab.

44: Sand Kingdom Slots

Enter the door to the right as you walk down the main road of Tostarena. There’s a slots game you can play for 10 coins a try. Hit three Moons and you’ll earn a collectible. The easiest way to do it is stand on the left, then throw Cappy right just as the moon appears. You’ll get all three!

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45: Walking the Desert

Travel north from the Desert Oasis to find a Koopa Troopa in a hat. Talk to him and complete his invisible-path challenge to win a Power Moon.

48: Goomba Tower Assembly

In the Underground Temple, capture the giant tower of Goombas and then jump onto the nearby high platform to add three more to the tower. Now you can reach the corner and jump up just high enough to reach this tricky Moon.

51: Sphynx’s Treasure Vault

Found behind the Tostarena Ruins, and visible beneath the tall tower, you’ll see a strange Sphynx statue. Stand a bit away from it to talk – the answer to its riddle is “Ring” – when you get the answer right, it will open up. Grab the gold coins and chest to get this Moon.

52: A Rumble from the Sandy Floor

Jump into the green pipe on the lower rooftop on the pink / purple building in Tostarena Town square. Use the flowers to bounce up to the roofs and enter – inside, you’ll have to slowly move toward the rumble you’ll feel in the Joy-Cons, then butt-stomp the spot where it’s strongest to make the Moon appear.

53: Dancing With New Friends

Purchase the Poncho / Sombrero combo from the Crazy Cap store and talk to the resident in the back-left corner of Tostarena Town. He’ll unlock the door. Just step into the circle inside to get a moon.

54: The Invisible Maze

Turn right after riding the platforms north from the Moe-Eye Habitat. There’s a groove in the rocky ledge that leads down into a Cappy Door. Complete two invisible mazes – the Moon is found in the third room.

55: Skull Sign in the Transparent Maze

Throw Cappy at the first skull sign at hold him in place. The Transparent Maze entrance is down a pit, north of the Moe-Eye Habitat flag.

56: Bullet Bill Maze: Break Through!

At the end of the Bullet Bill maze challenge in the Cappy Door next to the Tostarena Northwest Reaches.

57: Bullet Bill Maze: Side Path

Go through the left, winding path halfway through the maze. Find the maze in the northwest corner of the map, near the Tostarena Northwest Reaches flag.

58: Jaxi Driver

Hire the Jaxi at Tostarena Town for 30 coins, then ride him into the Jaxi Ruins underground. Complete the obstacle course to earn a Power Moon.

59: Jaxi Stunt Driving

Ride the Jaxi into the underground area beneath the Jaxi Ruins flag and collect all the music notes to the left about mid-way through.

60: Strange Neighborhood

Climb onto the roof in the back-right corner of Tostarena Town and capture the rocket ship. Ride it into a strange platforming zone. Reach the end to claim this Moon.

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