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Chief Probation Officer
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The El Dorado Probation Department is committed to providing public safety through collaborative partnerships and innovative practices in corrections. We approach this mission with accountability and compassion to create a safe community through changed lives.

We believe that our well-trained, dedicated and compassionate employees are our department's most valuable asset. We respect human rights and diversity and foster transparency through our accountability and communication. We strive to provide exemplary service by leading with integrity, humility, honesty and equality.

Probation Services

There are several services provided by the Probation office to create a safer community and help offenders better their lives. A few are linked here for your convenience.

Probation Resources and Services

It is El Dorado's goal to support the community through several resources including prevention services, food banks, healthcare services, and more.

El Dorado Community Resource Guide(PDF,541KB)

Learn more about dozens of community support services available to residents in need here in El Dorado County. Learn about local housing options, health services, food resources, education, and much more.

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Northern California Construction Training (NCCT)

Learn more about this non-profit pre-apprenticeship training program that helps prepare individuals for entry into various building trades apprenticeship programs.

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Stepping Up Initiative

Learn more about the Stepping Up initiative which strives to reduce the number of people in jail with mental illnesses.

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Probation (2024)


Probation? ›

In New Jersey, probation is a form of rehabilitation that allows a judge to sentence you for a set period without serving any prison time, as long as you meet certain conditions of release.

What is the meaning of the word probation? ›

pro·​ba·​tion prō-ˈbā-shən. 1. : a period of trial for finding out or testing a person's fitness (as for a job or school) 2. : the suspending of a convicted offender's sentence during good behavior under the supervision of a probation officer.

What is the meaning of under probation? ›

: being watched for a period of time during which one must behave well in order not to be seriously punished after having made a serious mistake or done something bad. He was on probation for cheating. The student was put/placed on probation for copying test answers.

What is probation in NJ? ›

Probation is a court sentence that allows certain clients to stay in the community under the supervision of a probation officer. Probation Services also supervises juveniles who have been found delinquent and enforces child support orders.

How long is the probation period? ›

While the length of this period may vary depending on the job, it's not uncommon for it to last anywhere from one to six months. In most cases, there'll be a clause in the employment contract stating the organisation could extend the probation period if needed.

What is another word for probation? ›

Synonyms of 'probation' in American English

(noun) in the sense of trial period. Synonyms. trial period. apprenticeship. trial.

What does "back on probation" mean? ›

Getting your probation reinstated means that you have violated your probation in some way, to begin with, and you are now looking to stay on probation after receiving your charge rather than going back to jail.

Can you leave NJ on probation? ›

Registrants currently under supervision usually need permission from their Parole or Probation Officer before traveling and should always consult their supervising officer.

How long is probation in NJ? ›

The period of probation shall be fixed by the court at not less than 1 year nor more than 5 years. The court, on application of a probation officer or of the defendant, or on its own motion, may discharge the defendant at any time.

Can you drink alcohol on probation in NJ? ›

When you are placed on probation, it is not party time. You must meet several obligations, such as the payment of fines and community service. Normally, the judge will instruct you to stay drug and alcohol-free. To keep that in check, you may take several drug tests to prove that you are following the rules.

Which offender is most likely to be on probation? ›

Generally, non-violent crimes are more likely to be eligible for probation than violent crimes.

Is probation the most common form of sentencing? ›

Probation is the most commonly imposed criminal sentence in the United States, with nearly four million adults currently under supervision.

What are the rules for probation in NJ? ›

General Conditions of New Jersey Probation

To refrain from frequenting unlawful or disreputable places or consorting with disreputable persons. To remain within the jurisdiction of the court and to notify the court or the probation officer of any change in his address or his employment.

How long can you be held in jail in NJ? ›

According to Rules Governing the Courts of the State of New Jersey Rule 3:25-4(b), you can only be held in jail for 90 days without being indicted. The indictment often happens after bail is determined and involves a 23-member grand jury deciding what formal charges should carry over to trial.

How many people are on probation in NJ? ›

The Community Corrections System

As of December 31, 2020, New Jersey community corrections population was 112,507 under probation and 15,516 under parole.

What are the duties of a probation officer in New Jersey? ›

The officer also: maintains personal contact with offenders through contacts in the office and in the community; investigates employment, sources of income, lifestyle and associates to assess risk and compliance; is responsible for detection of substance abuse and, through assessment and counseling, implementing ...

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