Black & White vs. Color Tattoos: A Guide To Help You Decide (2024)

Black and Grey tattoos vs color tattoos: which do you prefer? Is there a difference in how long they take to get? Is there a difference in how quickly they fade? How about in the ways you take care of them, or what they cost? If you’re looking to get your first tattoo - or your 10th - maybe you’re trying to pick between black and grey vs color for your tattoo.

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Black and grey tattoos: more variability than you might think

One issue that people bring up in the discussion of black and grey vs color tattoos is that black and grey tattoos can seem ‘boring’ with really just a single color (black) used on the skin. Keep in mind though, that the right tattoo artist can do an amazing range of work using black. The black ink can be applied in thick, bold lines, used as a filler color, or used sparingly to create realistic tattoos that look like photographs. In addition to tattoos in the realism style, black ink is popular for tribal tattoos. There are 3 key ways in which a tattoo artist can create what we often refer to as a “black and grey tattoo”. First, they can use only the pure color black which would have no gradients: you’ll either see black ink or your own skin tone. Second, they can use black ink including gradients, which gives you the look of shading and dimension. Third, they can use grey ink as well to create a broader range of shading with tones from true grey, through the grays, into true black.

Color tattoos: allow for significant vibrance and an extensive range of looks

No matter how much gradient is used with black and grey tattoos, when you look at them vs color tattoos there will always be less of a range in some ways. Color tattoos give you an enormous breadth of choices, from the most subtle art to tattoos with brilliant colors.

Black and grey vs color tattoos: which takes more time?

Many people assume that color tattoos take more time because of the time involved in switching ink colors. That is a consideration, but the size of the tattoo, intricacy of the artwork, and how much shading you want play even more significant roles.

Black and grey vs color tattoos: which fades quicker?

Generally, we see that black ink is the most resistant to fading. It’s important to note, though, that there are many factors that affect tattoo fading. The location of the tattoo is a big factor because those exposed to the sun and elements are more likely to fade more quickly. Tattoos, where light colors are used (include grey), are also more susceptible to fading.

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Black and grey vs color tattoos: cost?

The cost of a tattoo depends on many factors, but you can expect color vs black and grey to be one of those factors. On average we see black ink only costing less than tattoos with multiple colors. This has little to do with the actual price of black vs colored ink, but a big part of the reason for the price difference is that tattoos with color can take longer. The major factors that can affect your tattoo cost are size, location, and intricacy. Before you decide on a black and grey vs color tattoo, we recommend scrolling through the social media profiles of a selection of tattoo artists that you like. Make sure to check out photos of their tattoos after healing, as well as when they’re first inked. This will help you figure out what you really like.In addition, no matter what color tattoo you choose, you’ll want to consider numbing products as well as aftercare products to make sure your experience is as comfortable and safe as possible. Visit HUSH’s online store to see how our numbing crème and CBD foam soap can help you have a comfortable tattoo session - whether you choose black and grey, or color.

Black & White vs. Color Tattoos: A Guide To Help You Decide (2024)
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